Living Out Love

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Living Out Love

a post by Lauren Bras

Every day at Masana we have a little church service for the boys. It is a beautiful time full of music and worship and a time for the staff and missionaries to share a little with the boys. This month we have been talking about “love”.  I have particularly enjoyed hearing what each staff member had to share about. There is something very powerful and special about teaching about the love of God and the love that He has for His children.

I have been challenged.

There are moments with these boys where our responses do not come out of a place of love. There are boys that have been hardened by life on the streets and are sometimes difficult to connect with. Sometimes the boys have done things and have made decisions outside of Masana that make them hard to look at. Sometimes anger shines through my love. But God is gracious and so are the boys.

This month I was challenged to really try and live out what was being spoken about every day at church. From spending time really trying to understand that the Lord loves me in spite of my mistakes and bad decisions, to being intentional about trying to view each boy at Masana as a child dearly loved by God.

I read this quote a while ago that really came to life for me at Masana this year.

Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.

This is what Masana is all about. It’s about living out and showing the Love of God so that the boys will be inspired to do the same. That they would be moved to live in a loving world. Life for a street child is full of hostility and hatred. My prayer this week has been that as they walk through the gates of Masana they would be overwhelmed with the Fathers love.

I have the greatest job in the world. To pour out my love on kids that the world looks at as hostile and not worthy. My job is to love these boys enough that they start to live in a loving world! I am grateful for the lives that have been changed because of a little bit of love.