Little Salvador

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Little Salvador

a post by Alexis

A few months ago a little boy named Salvador started staying with us at Masana due to medical reasons.  He later decided that he was ready to go home.


His neighborhood is located about 30 minutes outside of the city, 15 minutes down a bumpy dirt road, over a railroad track (that probably hasn’t functioned since I was born), and into what we would call the “the middle of nowhere”.  Out of Salvador’s home walked his grandmother, who was in her late 60’s, and his two little brothers who were cute and playful.  His mother had remarried several times but never took full responsibility of her three children, leaving them in the care of their grandmother.


Salvador’s unfinished three-bedroom house was full of dirt, unwashed dishes and a few broken chairs.  As I sat there I wanted to cry.  I thought of little Salvador’s future… I thought of the huge responsibility that rested on this 10 year-old’s shoulders.  I thought back to when I was 10 years old when all I worried about was my next dance competition or about the newest beanie baby.  This little boy has to worry about what he is going to eat, wear, cook, clean, and how he will take care of his two younger brothers.  I sat there in awe.  I struggled to comprehend why his mother did not want to care for these three precious boys.  I wondered if Salvador was truly going to leave life on the streets for “being back at home”.  We left Salvador at home that day, but only a few days later he was back on the streets.


Salvador is a sweet, energetic little munchkin…Every weekend his friends carry him to our front door and beg us to let Salvador in to sleep because “he is sick and cannot move or walk”.  I know the truth is that little Salvador feels safe at our house.  He feels the love of our Father here.  Salvador continues to believe that life on the streets is better than remaining at his own home with his grandmother and two brothers.  Our prayer is to see the day come where Salvador is ready to take responsibility for his family.  Please pray for little Salvador…Pray for our group of missionaries to mentor other boys like Salvador to grow up and take responsibility even if they are only 10 years old.