An Economy of Grace

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An Economy of Grace

Dear Partner,

One of our core principles is that Masana will always strive to create an environment of transparent financial accountability.  We do not take lightly the fact that we have incredible partners who bless us financially in order for us to bless our boys.  We have set out on a mission over the last few years to create an organization that is completely dedicated (financially and otherwise) to the benefit of kids on the streets, and in order for that to be a possibility we need our partners to remain involved in the administration of our funds and to critically review how our promises for financially integrity are coming to fruition.  Every quarter we publish a financial synopsis for all of our partners to access (please find below).  However, we welcome the opportunity to present our financial and organizational structure on a deeper level to anyone with concerns or interest, an open door policy if you will.

The Masana community is filled with people around the world who give in all ways, shapes, and forms.  From New Jersey to the UK we have incredible partners who care deeply about our boys and whose partnerships are critical to getting our boys off of the streets and into homes.  While not every partner comes from the same spiritual or philosophical background, Masana as a whole entrusts its existence to an economy of grace.  We live and breathe because people like you care enough about our boys’ futures to send up a prayer, send down a package, or send out a financial contribution.  And we want you to know that we are grateful beyond words for your dedication to, and trust in, us.  We hope that we continue to earn that trust and dedication.  Please accept the fact that we welcome your input and assessment of our financials as a token of our gratitude.  All partners, whether financial or spiritual, are equally invested in our little inner-city community.  Thank you and may you be blessed with as much peace and joy in your life as we have found in our communion with these incredible kids.


 Masana 2013 Q2 Financial Report


Ian Thomas Krohn

Treasurer, Associação Massana



July 7th, 2013

Maputo Moçambique