Meet Us

  • Alexis


    Alexis has been with Masana since the end of 2009.  She is orginally from Douglasville, Georgia.  Alexis is responsible for a great deal of the day to day care for kids living at the Masana house.  She also volunteers with a center outside the city known as “Project Esperanca”.

  • Hilario


    Hilario has served on the Masana staff since 2011.  He helps with the actual running of the day center – organizing and controlling the boys, leading times of worship and teaching from the Word of God.  Hilario is single and never likes revealing his true age!

  • Lauren


    Lauren is from Durban, South Africa. Straight after school Lauren worked for her church, running programs for inner city children. It was there that she realised her passion not only for the children on the street but for the families that they leave behind. In 2009, God called her to Mozambique to work with a youth organisation in Maputo and […]

  • Izilpa


    Izilpa has been on the Masana staff since 2010.  She teaches our advanced literacy class.  She has a real gift for connecting with the older boys at the day center.  Izilpa is married to Anacleto, another member of our staff.

  • Mama Julia

    Mama Julia

    Mama Julia has been the Masana cook since 2005.  Every day, she provides breakfast and lunch for the 30-something boys at the day center.  Mama Julia’s cooking is definitely one of the reasons so many boys come each day!!!  She has 5 children and numerous grandchildren that she helps take care of.

  • Sarah


    Sarah grew up just outside of Atlanta, GA.  She worked with the University of Georgia Wesley Foundation for 6 years after graduating from UGA.  In 2007, Sarah moved to Mozambique and has worked with Masana since 2009.  Sarah serves as co-director of the project and as part of the reintegration team.  Her heart for the street boys of Mozambique is […]

  • Luis


    Luis has been on staff at Masana since 2007.  He is co-director of the project and serves as head of the reintegration team.  Luis spends a great deal of his time in local communities meeting with families of boys who have recently left the streets and helping them through this transition.  He is married and has 3 daughters.

  • Ian


    After graduating from the University of Colorado in 2008 Ian moved to Mozambique to found a safehouse for kids on the streets.  He has since transitioned into the role of directing and managing Masana’s finances, including Masana’s self-sufficiency plan.  Ian has six adopted sons and runs several businesses in Maputo that invest in the local community. Visit Ian’s Blog: Ian’s […]

  • Pastor Paulo

    Pastor Paulo

    Pastor Paulo has been with Masana from the very beginning, since 2002.  He served as the director of the project for most of those years.  Now Pastor Paulo serves on the Masana Board and acts as spiritual advisor.  Pastor Paulo is the pastor of the Reformed Church of Mozambique and Masana is an outreach ministry of his church.  He is […]

  • Anacleto


    Anacleto has been a part of the Masana staff since 2007.  He is the head of our education program.  He teaches the lower level literacy class as well as provides tutoring for the boys living in Masana transitional housing.  Anacleto is married to Izelpa, another member of our staff.   He is currently completing a university course in education.