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Day Center

Posted on December 09th, 2011 in Our Program

Day Center

To meet the basic needs of Maputo’s streetboys Masana operates a daycenter open to any boys 18 and younger currently living on the streets. Here boys are provided meals, a place to shower and wash clothes, basic education, and biblical teaching.   Our daycenter is where we are able to lay a foundation of trust with our boys.  Boys are interviewed shortly after they start attending the program in order for our staff to have a better understanding of their histories and what has brought them to the streets.  More than anything our daycenter allows us the opportunity to build relationships with boys in the hopes that they will soon make the decision to return home.


Masana offers three levels of classes for our boys.  We run an upper and lower division of the government sanctioned adult literacy program, as well as an introductory literacy class for boys with special needs or no formal schooling.  Once boys are in a position to leave the streets they are able to transfer out of our education program into a local  school.
Throughout the week Masana runs a soccer program.  Our soccer coach runs training sessions twice a week for our boys and an outreach match in the city once a week.  These trainings are times of mentorship and always end with a short  inspirational message and time of prayer.
–Children attending our daycenter receive basic first-aid treatment for sickness and injury.  We provide basic wound care as well as offer medications for illnesses ranging from skin infections to migraines.
–To better combat the occurrence of easily prevented sicknesses and infections, Masana requires all of its daycenter attendees to practice basic hygiene including : bathing ,clothes washing, teethbrushing, and handwashing before eating.
–Masana also promotes well-rounded nutrition.  Diets are supplemented with fruit, vegetables, protein, and dairy (all dietary features absent of a typical diet on the streets).  Masana boys are also de-wormed several times throughout the year.

Masana is a faith-centered community.  Therefore, we promote Christian values throughout  our interactions with the boys.  We run a small church service everyday in which The Bible is presented in a way that relates to their lives.  We talk to boys about the importance of integrity, honesty, and  love.  As well as deal with many of the difficult issues that boys encounter on the streets from a perspective grounded in grace and mercy.